Server Info

Adventures Ragnarök Online proposes to combine the nostalgia that we all feel when remembering our past adventures with the adrenaline rush of discovering a new way to play. Although we take the base of official servers we have customized some aspects, adding new features and modifying some others, as well as rebalanced features that we felt were outdated for the current gameplay or that would greatly shorten the life of the average player.

Next we will detail the main information of the Server:

▪ Open since: 26/11/21
▪ System: Pre-Renewal
▪ Current Episode: 12 ~ The Resurrection of Satan Morroc
▪ Rates: 10x/10x/10x > 12x/12x/10x on Weekends
▪ Cards Drop: Normal: 0.10% / MVPs & Mini Bosses: 0.01%
▪ Quest Rates: x5
▪ Quests repeatable: Enabled

▪ Instant Cast: 150 DEX
▪ Max ASPD: 190
▪ Max Level: 99/50 (2nd classes) ~ 99/70 (rebirth/expanded)
▪ Max Stats Points: 99
▪ Multi Client: 3 accounts
▪ Multi Level: 3 levels
▪ Party Cap: 16 players
▪ Party Share Limit: 15 levels
▪ Guild Cap (WoE): 16 players

▪ Emulator: rAthena
▪ Language: English
▪ Support: English, Spanish, Portuguese
▪ Host: Localed in EE.UU.
▪ Proxys: Europe and Southamerica
▪Protección Anti-Cheat: Gepard Shield 3.0 / Hard delay applied

▪ DB Room
▪ Cash/Kafra Shop Tier S Headgears: Only for Gacha
▪ MVP Competence: Free for all
▪ Stylist: All official kRO styles + custom colors/styles
▪ Healer NPC: Implemented
▪ Episode Progression: It will advance sporadically until the last episode adaptable to Pre-Renewal.
▪ PvP Room
▪ Reset Stats/Skills NPC (limited)
▪ Reset Stats/Skills Potions
▪ Daily Missions System
▪ Automatic Events System
▪ Gachapon Banner System
▪ Achievement System
▪ Random Options System (list)
▪ Reward for hours played
▪ Reward for daily login
▪ RMT Coins Transaction System
▪ Warper NPC (Discovery System)
▪ WoE & BG Progressives
▪ Adaptation of skills to the Random Options meta
▪ Adaptation of repeatable Item quests to the amount of 50 in all cases

▪ Facebook:
▪ Instagram:
▪ Twitch:
▪ Twitter:
▪ Youtube:

▪ Top RO Hispano:
▪ Ragnatop:
▪ Xtreme Top 100:

▪ Guild Cap: 16
▪ Party Cap: 16
▪ Alliances: disabled
▪ Secondary Guilds (MB/Provoke/SS/Etc.): disabled
▪ Multi Client: disabled inside WoE Castles

In Adventures RO there are some strange statues in all cities and important points. As you get closer characters will regenerate HP/SP much faster. If you talk to them, several additional options will be displayed to teleport to any City or Dungeon they have previously visited, recover their HP/SP instantly (full heal) or access special areas such as the Dead Branches Zone or Plant Cultivation.

The Adventurers Guild is one of the most important NPCs in the Region. By talking to the Representative at the Adventurer's Guild Post in Prontera, you will be able to do up to four daily quests per day, which will reset at 00:00 each day. Each quest brings rewards like rune gemstones and experience.

The Gachapon Machine is a raffle where you can test your luck and get various prizes, from experience manuals, items of great use for your adventure such as mounts or infinite wings, to permanent items such as costumes and headgears with status. Every fortnight the prize catalog is updated, bringing new rewards. The highest category items, commonly called Tier S, will star in each seasonal banner and the system ensures that at least one of these will appear in a maximum of 30 attempts. To use the NPC you will need a rune stone for each attempt. This item is obtainable on the same machine for every 160 rune gems turned in. NPC Location: Prontera.

There are different NPCs in the City of Prontera that will give out rewards based on hours played, events attended, or MVPs defeated, as well as a Promo Code NPC where you can claim a reward if they receive one.

In all cities, fields and dungeons there are hidden chests with great surprises inside. Depending on where they are, your prizes will be better but the difficulty of finding them will also be greater. We currently have four different chest categories: Common Chests, Precious Chests, Luxury Chests and the rarest and most difficult to find: Event Chests.

In Adventures RO it is allowed to make real money transactions (RMT) through the RMT Coins system. By purchasing this currency you can purchase any in-game progress that another player wishes to sell, as well as offer yours for the same currency that can be claimed via Paypal for real money. For more information about it visite the 💱│rmt-system discord's channel.

Clans coming to play WoE/BG can request a Guild Pack to join the server instantly and start competing in PvP instances. The NPC is located in the Prontera Main Office and to use it you must have received a ticket provided by the Staff.

Every item obtainable via drop from mobs, bosses and mvp has a chance to drop with random options. Depending on luck, they will drop with one, two, or even three additional statuses that make character builds more dynamic and customizable. To consult the list of available Random Options we recommend visiting the next page:

The skills of the game work under the behavior of the 2021 emulators. However, we have rebalanced some for the comfort of the players or to balance the boost obtained by the Random Options. The balanced skills to date are:
Asura Strike: Its formula has been modified, reducing its damage by 10%. It has no maximum damage limit.

Fighting Chant: Modified its formula, reducing the buff by half, requiring the party to have the maximum amount of players (16/16) in order to obtain the maximum additional ATK %.

Gospel: The effect will disappear each time a user affected by the skill logs out.

Land Protector: It was configured to act the same as in versions prior to 2015 emulators.

Reflect Sword: Corrected the damage value to respect the amount of HP of the player.

Teleport: (Optional) The option to use it without a confirmation window even if the skill is at level 2 has been enabled.