Half Year Festival

by AdenturesRO on 2022-05-22

The Half Year Festival has arrived!

For the next two weeks at Adventures we will be celebrating our first six months online and we have decided to prepare a festival full of surprises.

For more information check the Discord Event Channel!

Floating Rates Party

by AdenturesRO on 2022-05-13

Like every weekend, since now until Sunday ends, the experience received from mobs, mini bosses and MVPs has been increased by 20%. Enjoy it!

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Guild Pack is currently available!

by AdenturesRO on 2022-05-11

Dear adventurers, the War of Emperium is drawing near and we would like to introduce you to our Guild Pack:

We have evaluated the evolution of the Server a lot and taking into account our current rates, the effort that our users have taken to level up/get equipment and their opinion, we have opted for a small Guild Pack that will be available until 10 June (inclusive) for those clans who wish to claim it and meet the corresponding requirements. It is worth clarifying that this seeks to generate more clans/competition in the coming WoEs as well as increase the population that has been on the rise for a few weeks.

What will the Guild Pack contain?
The Guild Pack contains the following for each of the Guild members:

▪ Lv 90/50 2nd Class Character
▪ 1,000,000 zeny
▪ 7 Days VIP Ticket x1
▪ +25% Field Manual x5
▪ Battlegrounds Badge x100
▪ Light White Potion x100
▪ Light Blue Potion x100
▪ Equipment (x28 days Rental Items):
▫ Rune Stone x5
▫ Beret x1
▫ Formal Suit[1] + Mark Card x1
▫ Muffler[1] + Noxious Card x1
▫ Shoes[1] + Verit Card x1
▫ Buckler[1] + Thara Frog Card x1 or Guard[1] + Thara Frog Card x1 (Depends on the Job)
▫ Glove[1] + Zerom Card x2 or Necklace[1] + Spore Card x2 or Ring[1] + Mantis Card x2 (Depends on the Job)
▫ Slotted Weapon with specific Cards (Depends on the Job/Build)

Our GP seeks to facilitate the arrival of new clans, leaving characters ready to go to BG/WoE but leaving a long way to go and tasks to do.